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Personal Injury

Personal Injury

Personal Injury

Accidents can happen for all sorts of reasons, no matter how careful we are. A personal injury is an injury which occurs on the body and can be the result of all kinds of accidents.

Common types of accidents which lead to personal injury include road traffic accidents, trips and falls or workplace accidents. There are also injuries which can result from using faulty products at home or even an assault which causes a personal injury.

In addition, a personal injury could relate to medical accidents which are caused my medical negligence.

In the case of a personal injury, no matter what type it would be, the victim may be entitled to receive compensation, if the injury was caused by someone else.

What You Need

In these cases, it would be up to the victim to compile as much evidence relating to the personal injury as possible, including medical documentation and photographs.

They would call Access 2 Compensation and speak to an advisor who would be able to tell them if they are entitled to make a claim for compensation. They may also be able to provide a rough estimate on the value of the personal injury, depending on what it is.

Access 2 Compensation have solicitors on hand who are able to deal with the claim, taking the burden away from the victim. If the claim is successful, the victim may receive a substantial cash payout, depending on the circumstances and severity of the personal injury.

You can call us now for free confidential advice on 0800 180 4200.

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